WS Hoster, MBA

The Other View, is a blog site I developed to provide conservative, reasonable news and views about politics, business and social matters.  Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest have changed drastically over the past few years.  “Fake news” and deep filtering algorithms, along with trolls and insane liberal, bullies have made it impossible for logical conversation and information exchange on social media platforms.

The Other View is dedicated to providing the resources for any articles declared as news, unlike many main stream journalism outlets, who actively collude to manipulate the public’s opinions.  I’ll also tell you up front what is my opinion about a matter – I’m not shy.

If you have something to say, a question, or simply want to debate, I highly encourage it.  Debate and a reasonable volley of ideas help to identify new paradigms and possibly new solutions.

My journey toward creating this blog is filled with concern for all humanity, as a result of the agendas that liberal, globalist, socialists are trying to create, while murdering capitalism and all that it has created.

It is probably here that I should also formally introduce myself, unpack my resume and also get the skeletons out of the closet.

I am a white male (the one it’s currently legal to discriminate against in America), living in Utah (one of the whitest states in America).  I’m an early generation X, who grew up on grunge, a passion for the Beatles, Led Zeppelin, and amazing Rhythm and Blues artists.

I joined the US Navy, after barely graduating high school.  I was a corpsman (that’s a medic) and I served in Desert Storm.  I worked as a paramedic for nearly 12-years in Utah, while obtaining by undergraduate in Psychology.

I was pretty liberal minded in my 20’s and early 30’s.  I was a registered Democrat, and couldn’t believe how the media was making a big deal about Clinton and Lewinsky.  Many of my ideals arose from the professors at my liberal arts college, and colleagues.

Then I left the world of a union and making the exact same amount of money every two weeks, for a job in selling medical supplies to ambulance companies and fire departments.  I knew nothing about sales, but had invented a few products of my own to sell and was determined to learn all that I could.

I missed patient care, but fell in love with the business end of health care.  I went back to school to get an MBA, where I was really awakened about economics, finance, ethics, social responsibility, and read multiple case studies about the law, corporate governance and profit.

It was truly after this awakening that I made the conscious decision both political parties are completely jacked, ripping off Americans and manipulating the systems.  I dove deeper into research about the lobbying activities, the FDA, the tax codes and our pathetic sources for daily information – specifically the propaganda from the mainstream media.

The day Donald J. Trump announced he was running for President, I told my wife, “he’s going to win.”  I had just finished the book, “Adios America,” by Ann Coulter.  I knew exactly what Trump was talking about when he announced an end to illegal immigration and that Mexico is not sending us their best.  The media tried to manipulate his words into racism and hatred (the two cards they love to play when manipulating the public against someone who can expose their corruption), but having read the full story about that statement, I knew he was reciting from the same book.

It has nothing to do with racism; rather, it is a whole new paradigm of political correctness that has corrupted our systems, creating multiple illegal alien victims, along with American citizen victims.  America is incredibly generous; however, that is not the matter at issue when her resources are depleted.  Illegal immigrants are bankrupting the American healthcare system, multiple cities, and have overcrowded our justice system.

Big businesses want illegal immigration for the cheap labor and Democrats want them for the votes.  If you haven’t read the book, I highly recommend it.  It will be one of many that I’ll recommend in future posts.

Since finishing my MBA, I’ve been an entrepreneur in small businesses, manufacturing and consulting for large and small corporations.  I’ve had the unique opportunity to know first-hand what problems each segment of society is facing, having worked with billionaires to the homeless, and those in between, living paycheck to paycheck.

I’ve seen addiction’s victims; including porn, gambling, drugs and alcohol.  I personally went from a position of agnostic to becoming a Christian (Mormon, in fact), transitioned from daily smoking and drinking to complete abstinence from both for over 25 years.  I’ve survived one yucky divorce (walking in on your wife screwing some other guy) and landed in an amazing 20+ year marriage with amazing kids.

So that’s a little about the skeletons in my closet.  I’ve fallen many times, got up and tried again.  I’ve got a lot of regrets that I’ve tried to share with my kids, for the sake of saving them any pain.  But because somethings just have to be lived, I guess, they’ve made some of the same mistakes, too.

I suppose it’s why I’m full of Justice!  It’s why I love America, freedom, the ability to make your own decisions, fail, then get up and try again.  You can’t do that anywhere else in the world!  It’s why I believe we’re so very blessed and lucky to live here.

I have no doubt that each of us are connected, somehow, someway. I hope that through this blog, we can connect and make the world a better place, together.  I know that just grumbling about things on social media won’t change much, if anything.  I also know that doing nothing will get you nothing.  So, here’s to my contribution in making things a little clearer for some, and possibly pissing off a lot of others.